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    Southworks by Middlecap

    Horizon Controls Ltd is working with Southworks by Middlecap, the first building in the UK to be evaluated using the Smart Building Certification framework The Smart Building Certification has been developed to promote wellbeing, sustainability, performance, innovation, and health and safety in the built environment. It recognises buildings that have smart technology infrastructure in place to evaluate a building’s behaviour and performance.



    Craig Needham, CEO of Horizon Controls Ltd

    “Working with the team at Middlecap we are supporting the development of their smart building mission with a suite of technology that has helped the building secure Smart Building Certification. Southworks objectively evaluate the ‘smartness’ of buildings by assessing six core areas: building usage; user behaviour and collaboration; building performance; building environment; integrative design and connectivity, and health, safety and security.”

    We are doing this with:

  • A single ‘digital backbone ‘– created through applied bGrid technology – which links a series of sensors to the Internet of Things, which connect, measure and deliver feedback to building users. The sensors are plugged into the HVAC system and lighting controls and will also measure other environmental variables such as density, occupancy and noise levels. The data generated by this network is fed into the building management system, optimising the environment and ensuring it becomes completely demand-driven.

  • A dedicated app (OfficeApp) through which occupiers will be able to directly control heating and lighting to their own preferences and book meeting rooms, creating the optimum working environment.

  • Facilitation of more effective communication between building managers and occupiers, with messages and notifications being able to be shared in both directions through the OfficeApp.

  • Technology optimised for risk management in the support of longer-term social distancing by monitoring the flow of people throughout the building together with realtime information about indoor and outdoor air quality.

    1. It is also worth noting that over the longer term the Southworks smart infrastructure investment also plays a critical role in their value proposition. Better control over the asset means that it is better positioned for the constant evolution and optimisation opportunity.

      Each technology in this building can be seen as additional value or service for the tenant if positioned and utilised correctly. The technology also allows Southworks to better measure cost, building performance, building environment, utilisation and behaviour and these additional insights can be put to work to optimise the value of the asset.

      Southworks is now the first building to be evaluated in the UK using the Smart Building Certification framework. Its technology-first approach and number of integrated design and management features create a responsive and productive environment that enhances users’ wellbeing. It scored exceptionally high in all areas of the Smart Building Certification and therefore has the ability to focus on financial valuation from various stakeholder perspectives more easily.

      Tomáš Jurdák, Partner & Head of Real Estate at MiddleCap, explained: “It is a huge achievement for Southworks to be awarded a Platinum Smart Building Certification. From the outset, we wanted our first UK project to present the London office market with a best in class building that really delivers what occupiers need from their workspace today, and in the future. By harnessing the tremendous technological advances that have been developed in recent years and bringing them together in one building, Southworks raises the bar for offices across London and creates a blueprint for post-Covid workspace.”

    Scott Westney.

    Project Delivery Director.


    “Client needs are front and centre – they’re our priority. Our project delivery team closely align with our customers to ensure communication and clarity of deliverables at every step of the way. We pride ourselves on delivering a unique and useable user experience for building operators and occupiers.”

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