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    We are system architects. It is in our nature to create bespoke intelligent building solutions to suit every building. We do more than deliver building management systems, we architect solutions to deliver best in class building operations and performance.

    Project Approach.


    Building developers, designers, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors and operators are faced with a giant jigsaw puzzle. As systems architects we focus on pulling together the right pieces of the puzzle using innovative technology that will work for each client. We architect the solution and integrate the systems.

    1 Design

    2 Develop

    3 Deliver

    4 Connect

    5 Digitise

    6 Optimise


    Building intelligence comes directly from the systems we connect to and the data we collect. We have the ability to pick up a variety of data from a multitude of systems from BMS and SCADA, IoT devices and meters, air quality and occupancy sensors, security and access control, mechanical and electrical equipment, plant and machinery, HVAC and AHUs, CHP and renewables.


    We utilise that data to give people (building owners, occupiers and maintenance teams) the ability to report on and provide objectives around environmental, social and governance (ESG). Compliance for infectious disease control (covid-secure) and also gain actionable insights and deliver building intelligence around internal air quality and wellness, energy efficiency and cost, operation and building performance to meet the goals of the building and the people who occupy it.


    We believe that if we create the right environment for people, then we can make sure buildings and spaces are utilised to their most efficient means. We focus on utilisation, energy efficiency and wellness.

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