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    ESG and sustainable investing

    Building intelligence is not just important for the here and now it is an investment in the future.

    Environmental social governance (ESG) has brought intelligent buildings to the forefront of investors and occupiers minds.

    We provide best in class design for intelligent buildings, that help businesses and investors adopt an ESG strategy. Our toolbox of efficient technology, IoT and software solutions ensure all environmental building needs are met. As building intelligence architects we aim to provide true environmental building intelligence.


    At Horizon Controls we ensure that the solutions we design for the building system’s operations and controls also considers the requirements of the building occupiers. To ensure for happier, healthier occupants.

    We assist facilities managers and building owners to play an active and important role in ensuring those who work and live in their buildings are happy and healthy and confident of their surroundings. The foundations of this are to:

    Ensure air quality conforms to indoor air quality standards.

    Alerts and reports on equipment performance and use as well as maintenance for HVAC equipment.

    Alerts on filter maintenance requirements, air recirculation and legionnaires.

    Focus on ensuring natural light and suitable light levels are available that will boost both wellness and productivity

    People placement identifies the number of people in one specific area and identifies free space and movement to enable productive use of spaces and efficiently control for energy consumption.

    Energy Efficiency and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

    Energy efficiency is the heart of how an intelligent building should operate. Building Energy Management Systems (BeMS) and smart metering are the foundations of a sound building intelligence strategy.

    As building intelligence architects, we provide best in class design for intelligent buildings, with BeMS and smart metering being the baseline. As building intelligence architects we aim to provide true building intelligence, by selecting the most efficient technology, IoT and software to ensure all building needs are met and delivered according to client requirements.

    Our Energy Performance Contracting based solutions allow you to undertake BeMS installation and energy related projects without the need for capital investment. This is because periodic repayments are repaid from the energy savings achieved.

    This ensures that you end up with a modern efficient system that will improve the performance of your building, and enhance occupier comfort – which will result in a happier and more productive staff and customers.



    CIBSE has issued guidance to all commercial real estate to ensure that air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing systems are re-assessed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. According to CIBSE “there is a growing body of evidence that the SARS 2 CoV can be spread through the air, particularly through poorly ventilated spaces, and that ventilation provision in buildings should be reviewed in light of this”.

    Ventilation management, maintenance, amendments to the controls settings and reporting on these activities will be critical for businesses in the new normal.

    We have put together a program of works that will safeguard ventilation and plumbing systems that are ready for business. This will ensure that monitoring, alerting and reporting is firmly in place to give confidence to building occupiers; that the air quality is fit for purpose and meets CIBSE recommendations.

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