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    The importance of ESG strategy

    Horizon‌ ‌ESG‌ ‌and‌ ‌your‌ ‌strategy‌ ‌

      Horizon ESG works with the innovative technologies used by Horizon Building Intelligence to create systems that are tailored to support companies at every stage of their ESG process. From ensuring buildings comply with the latest legislation and maintaining the smooth operation of assets to improving energy efficiency, Horizon ESG offers a complete, evidence-based service […]

    From building controls to off-grid energy supply, we look at the solutions and services available to the build to rent sector as it moves towards NetZero.

      The benefit of building controls is that they collect and provide the data to understand and make informed decisions to take action and reduce the inefficiencies within build to rent space. Inefficiencies in how the in-home systems are operating or how the entire block’s main plant room is running for example.     For […]

    Decarbonising the build to rent sector with controls

    Awareness of the environmental impact of the spaces within which we occupy day-in day-out is also at an all-time high. After a year of being ‘at-home’ and increasingly working from home, everyone is more alert to the energy efficiency of their home and in particular how those spaces impact on the environment.  One of the […]

    Boost confidence with data

    Building operators have many tasks on their to-do list to ensure that the office is ‘ready’ and operating efficiently but the concern of how to build confidence in employees is paramount. Employers have a duty of care to staff to ensure that the workplace is covid-secure, but they also need to provide added value that […]

    Taking care of our emergency services

    Working with the UKs emergency services we provide a range of routine maintenance for BMS for their sites. From headquarter sites to independent lone-man police stations, we bring other energy intensive systems onto the BMS and then manage everything with energy efficiency in mind. Horizon Controls also looks at the wider picture on a client […]

    Smart watches, smart phones, smart TVs, what’s next? Smart buildings of course.

    Pre-pandemic MiddleCap was already focusing on smart building infrastructure and sustainability as a competitive value differentiator. Southworks was designed before pandemic and includes many features which can help to bring back people to the offices. Fast forward to the world we are in now we are also witnessing the COVID-secure benefits that Smart Buildings can […]

    A truly smart building considers latest technology

    Businesses, tenants and employees can all reap huge benefits from working within a smart building – from covid-secure assurance to environmental savings and reduction in energy bills the opportunities for tenants and occupiers to benefit from the ‘modern’ office are vast. Our client MiddleCap’s new building Southworks in central London is one such example. It […]

    How to make your (quarantine) hotel Covid-secure

    Like every business over the past 12 months, hoteliers and hotel chains will have to pivot with the news that they are to become quarantine holding stations – are they up to the job? We think so! But not without some careful planning and prep and the all-important maintenance to keep them going. The aim […]

    Taking care of commercial while everyone is asked to stay home

    While the pandemic has forced the closure of offices, hospitality and non-essential retail, those dormant buildings can still be maintained while closed ensuring they are fit for purpose once restrictions lift. The 2021 lockdown has shown many differences to 2020, one of the key differences we have noticed is that businesses are much more switched […]

    Changing Spaces and the Opportunities for the Build-To-Rent Sector

    Jones Lang LaSalle recently reported that since the pandemic, 82% of employees now intend to work from home more than once a week. We think that is a conservative estimate… What does the boom in home working have to do with the build-to-rent market? LOTS! We are now on the edge of a new commercial/residential-mix […]

    Managing internal air quality at home

    With the lines blurring between working from home, perhaps it should be renamed living at work, we now need to turn our attention to the management of IAQ of our homes. As building intelligence architects, we spend our time advising businesses on how they can make their building intelligent with BMS device which can in […]

    The clock is ticking to get buildings ready for business and Covid-secure.

    The latest Government guidelines has seen all non-essential retailers close their doors to customers once again. A devastating blow to the struggling industry to be hit with a third lockdown and request to shut-up-shop. However, now is the time for retailers to take the time to make the preparations and get their commercial real estate […]

    Why are building controls and asset management bottom of the list when it comes to specifying in the build to rent space?

    With the life of most build to rent investments sitting at approximately 25 years, a lot of time and effort must go into ensuring it provides the expected yield over the period. However, there is big opportunity being missed in maximising the asset life within buildings with smarter efficiency and maintenance, both of which contribute […]

    Asset management - maximising the lifecycle of assets to minimise the financial impact on your build to rent (BTR) investment

    Our passion is in creating truly intelligent buildings of the future. Ones that benefit the requirements of the owner, operator and occupier today as well as the requirements of the future. To do this, we work closely with our clients to ensure the latest in smart solutions are specified and once specified and installed, are […]

    Moving build to rent (BTR) properties into demand side response and getting ready for the smart city revolution

    Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick also unveiled proposals in August 2020 to streamline the planning process for housebuilders, in a bid to deliver homes that are “zero carbon ready”. Tipped as the biggest revamp to planning processes in more than 10 years. Under the new proposals, carbon emissions from new homes are expected to be 75 […]

    Environmental, Social and Governance in the commercial real estate world

    The hospitality industry across the UK is preparing to (hopefully) open its doors to guests, customers and visitors from early July.

    COVID-Secure Education

    As schools open their gates to a selection of pupils the end of full-time home schooling is (for some parents, pupils and teachers) finally here. Whilst parents breathe a sigh of relief, some are taking a sharp intake of breath because they are more than a little concerned about sending their family back to school. […]