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    Providing best in class design for intelligent buildings. We select the most efficient technology, IoT devices and cloud software to ensure all building needs are met and delivered according to client requirements. As building systems architects we aim to provide true building intelligence and utilise the latest in innovative building technologies.

    Craig Needham.



    “Horizon Controls Ltd provide best in class design for intelligent buildings. We connect, digitise and optimise buildings, systems and operations.  We are system architects; it is in our nature to create bespoke intelligent building solutions to suit every building. We utilise the latest technologies to deliver smart, intelligent buildings. Our goal is to architect truly connected buildings – connecting the systems within and those external to the building, with the people who occupy and operate them.”

    Jehane Toms.

    Business Development.


    “Our focus is on providing topflight building intelligence to businesses that want to take control of their assets. We do this with our unique formula; made up of innovative monitoring, control, IoT and SaaS solutions. We help enhance the working, living and recreational spaces that we all occupy on a daily basis, from offices and apartment blocks to data centres and nuclear power stations. We constantly scrutinise technology advancements within the intelligent building controls space, we challenge how they can be utilised to deliver improved operational and costs benefits for our clients.”

    Jehane Toms.

    Business Development.


    Scott Westney.

    Project Delivery Director.


    “Client needs are front and centre – they’re our priority. Our project delivery team closely align with our customers to ensure communication and clarity of deliverables at every step of the way. We pride ourselves on delivering a unique and useable user experience for building operators and occupiers.”

    Alastair McEwan.

    Commercial Director.


    “Environmental social governance has brought intelligent buildings to the forefront of investors and occupiers minds. We provide best in class design for intelligent buildings, that help businesses and investors adopt an efficient and effective ESG strategy. Our toolbox of efficient technology, IoT and software solutions ensure all environmental building needs are met. As building systems architects we aim to provide true environmental building intelligence.”

    Alastair McEwan.

    Commercial Director.


    How we work…

    We are system architects; it is in our nature to create bespoke intelligent building solutions to suit every building or ‘problem’ area, we do more than deliver building management systems (BMS).

    We create impressive jigsaws that work. We collaborate with the building designer and developer.

    We are transparent every single step of the way. Project delivery is a big focus for us. We communicate constantly, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent with our customers.

    We ask for feedback! We host ‘lessons learned’ meetings and encourage this with all clients whereby all parties involved in the development get together to discuss the project.

    We care about people. The people who work for us and with us; our clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

    We value building intelligence. We have a strong focus on system design and architecture. We utilize the latest technological solutions and systems available to us.

    Buildings are like people  – if they don’t interact efficiently, they can’t operate correctly.

    Our People, Our Culture

    We are hugely proud of our team at Horizon Controls. Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals whose vision and mission is to architect, engineer and deliver technologically advanced solutions to create intelligent buildings for our clients.

    Our goal is to make a difference for our clients and the built environment. How we work defines our behaviors and actions; our people are integral to this:


    We are creative and driven in our approach to building intelligence solutions and services.


    We are collaborative and communicative to ensure everyone that is involved in a Horizon Controls project sees full transparency in project progress.


    We challenge the building controls environment as we seek to innovate and deliver leading intelligent solutions to create leading intelligent buildings for our clients now and for the future.

    A great place to work

    We know we are a great place to work, because our team tell us so!

    Our people drive our mission and vision. We pride ourselves on being a great place to work where we offer all our team the opportunity to work, progress and also be heard. Two-way communication is key to colleague collaboration and project success.

    We aspire to be transparent and have an open and communicative culture not just internally but externally with our stakeholders.

    Our team makes things happen and everyone matters at Horizon Controls. We work hard to make sure that everyone has a productive, healthy and flexible working environment that provides a work life balance.

    We want our team to succeed which is why we advocate personal development training to ensure everyone remains at the forefront of technology and industry movements and changes.

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