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Wireless Solutions

Wireless controls are ideal where retrofitting of equipment into existing buildings is required. Particularly useful in listed buildings, or buildings that are occupied, wireless products can be installed with a minimum of disruption or inconvenience.

Modern solutions are based on wireless mesh networking technologies such as zigbee http://www.zigbee.org and enocean http://www.enocean.com.

Each component of a mesh system acts as a radio node through which the signal have removed the constraints of conventional wireless radio based systems. These devices create their own networks with each device on a network acting as a node to boost and route the system to adjacent nodes.

The result is an extremely robust wireless solution, which can incorporate temperature, co2 and %Rh sensors, energy meters, room thermostats, power outlets and lighting control products, all of which can be easily integrated into a BEMS system.

The application of wireless networks can often result in considerable savings in capital expenditure due to reduced wiring costs.

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