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Service & Support

We have developed a range of service and support solutions from simple regular maintenance visits to sophisticated all inclusive contracts with guaranteed 24/7 cover, including response times to service requests within 4 hours of a call for help.

Service packages are tailored to the needs and budgets of the customers business, and may include insurance policy type levels of cover where all materials and labour are covered in a monthly fee, offering ultimate peace of mind.

Support from our bureau services is available 24/7. Most issues are resolved with a simple remote connection via either the internet or 3G remote connection.

We are also available for AD-HOC service and maintenance requirements. An engineer may be booked by the hour to assist where required. Please contact our service department for further details.

Service contract customers have online password protected access at any time to records and information stored on our server. Information available may include:

1. Operation and Maintenance manuals
2. Panel wiring diagrams
3. System software backups
4. BEMS head end graphics and database backups
5. Planned service schedules
6. Service reports.

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