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HVAC Plant Controls

Energy consumption is an important factor in climate change, since around 80% of all energy currently produced is created by burning fossil fuels – oil, coal and gas. Around 44% of the total energy produced is used in the heating and cooling of buildings. Fossil fuels are being depleted, and the CO2 which is a bi-product of their use is contributing to global warming, which is having disturbing effects on our climate.

Organisations such as Horizon Controls are playing an important part in helping to reduce our addiction to energy by making buildings more energy efficient. A well designed and implemented DDC BEMS system retrofitted over older non DDC controls may reduce your energy costs by 30% - or more.

Systems installed by us generally incorporate strategies which interface with energy using plant such as LTHW boilers, chillers, domestic hot water generators, air conditioning systems, and ventilation plant. Strategically placed sensors and monitoring devices report to the BEMS controls, and bespoke software routines ensure that equipment is only called into operation when needed, and otherwise disabled. Plant which is operating when not required of course wastes energy.

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